Children’s Learning Adventure

Children’s Learning Adventure’s state-of-the-art childcare centers provide toddlers to school-age kids all over the country with every amenity they can dream of. From bowling alleys to indoor basketball courts, to culinary classrooms and study lounges—their facilities offer programs that appeal to children of all ages. While drawing plans to build their newest location in Austin, TX, our team’s topographic analysis came back with unexpected results—our plans of the site didn’t match up to the satellite images taken. The reason? Piles of illegal soil.


While we were busy at our drawing boards, someone had been busy dumping 2,567 cubic yards’ worth of unsuitable soil on our site. To remedy this, we increased manpower and coordinated a schedule for removal. For several days, 100+ truckloads of soil were removed from the property one by one until it had all been displaced. Once cleared, our team was able to start construction. Now, the project is coming along perfectly, (free of further soil setbacks) and we anticipate an on-time completion.


Stay tuned! This project is a work in progress and is expected to be completed soon.




Austin, TX


Ground Up

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